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Zeevik Gottlieb is a successful sculptor and blacksmith who creates his sculptures through observation and love of the human body while testing the boundaries of the material. He tracks the movement and flow that surrounds us providing his unique interpretation .



At 1200 degrees, Gottlieb turns raw steel into the fine outlines of the body, emotions, and relationships In his worldview, everything can be softened, molded and reborn. The result is always a balance between the concrete and the abstract, embodying the artist’s private world, perceptions and memories.


In 2009, Gottlieb gained international acclaim by winning first place at the Iron Forging World Championship in Stia Italy, and been invited to participate in competitions and guide workshops  around the world.


Zeevik started on this path in 1993. Over the years he accumulated valuable experience and diverse artistic capabilities, manifesting themselves in sculptors that incorporate iron and bronze as well as .other natural materials such as wood, stone, and glass.

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